Recent Projects

Work completed for current and former employers. Please check out my Github for recent commits and activity.

About my work

I’ve been doing web work for some time. I was doing web design back before Ethan Marcotte’s Responsive Web Design and was submitting comps that followed a 960 grid. Even after understanding RWD, I was submitting ( xs, s, m, lg comps) and also prototyping elements using Bootstrap 3. Admittedly, a lot of my frontend work has been theming and setting up child-theme related.

In 2015, ideas about component based design started to pop up during my meetings and collaborations with both designers and developers. Brad Frost’s Atomic Design was making its rounds in the design and development community (more so design).

Fast forward to 2021 and there are now Design Systems and the ubiquitous PatternLab for Drupal related projects. Both of which I am still making sense of by looking under the hood, understanding the necessary pieces, and pulling it all together.

While my projects above show more theming related work, my focus has now switched to building agnostic Design Systems with folks so please stay tuned for more of that frontend development related content! Thanks.